Latest School Events

Yr5/6 Residential Trip to Morfa Bay20May2019


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Half Term27May2019

Pinewood Event - As you like it31May2019

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Our Tesco Bags of Help Grant Scheme has been successful and our 'Sensory Garden project' received £1000.


Learning together, diving deep into knowledge, supported by community, faith and family


Our Vision

Our unique school community inspires confidence, curiosity and tolerance in an environment that encourages intellectual, moral and spiritual inquisitiveness

Our Christian Values

 Each term we focus on a different value through our Collective Worship and circle time.  We use ideas from Unicef, Assembly Box and looking at Children's Rights. Entwined within this and central to the leading of Collective Worship are core values from both the 'Values for Life' scheme from The Church of England and more recently we have added 'Roots and Fruits' - a scheme from Imaginor. 

  This term our focus is on Justice.  Summer term 1 we will be moving on to 'Service' using 'The Giving Tree' by Shel Silversten. 

For all our values please go to the 'Curriculum, R.E webpage'

Maths competition at Pinewood Prep - Yr5 May19

Good Luck Yr6

Year 5 Languages Day at Ridgeway Secondary - May 2019

KS2 visit the Watermill Theatre to 'learn the ropes' for their new topic - Apr19

Brownsea Island Residential, April 2019, Year 3 and 4

Community and school 'Easter Bake Off' winner - April 2019

Easter Service and our Easter bonnet winners - April 2019

Rec/Yr1/Yr2 class assembly - March 2019

Red Nose Day 2019

Red Nose Day saw 'red nose biscuit making', dances created to the Red Nose Song, 'designing a new nose' and finally creating our own castle using cubes they made . . . being inspired from the Red Nose packaging!  Great fun had by all.

World Book Day 2019

World Book Day saw a wealth of characters arrive in school, staff even integrating into the stories that the days work was based around!  KS2 took a trip to the Wyvern Theatre to watch 6 people 'tell their story' of their journey to become world famous authors.  

Silly Science Workshop at Pinewood Prep - Yr1/2/3/4

KS2 visit Cheddar Gorge linking to their new topic - Mar19

Well done Year 6 on passing their Level 2 Bikeability - Feb19

KS1 make new friends at Birdland - Feb19

Decorating the Reception Area - Feb19

We were delighted to be joined by Steve Porter, artist for a day of creativity.  All children within the school contributed to our new murals.

Wyvern Dance Festival - Feb19 - KS2

KS2 attend Young Voices in Birmingham with South Marston and with 6659 other children! - Jan 2019

Bishopstone at the County Finals! - Jan 2019

Year 5 and 6 learn to fence - Jan 2019

Butterfly World - KS2 Trip - Jan 2019

Updated snow procedures - Jan 2019

Christmas Service - Dec 2018

At the church Christmas service we retold the Christmas story, with children from Year 2,3 and 4 taking different parts.  Please download and play our powerpoint if you wish to listen again.

Supporting BIshopstone/Hinton Parva Choir - Dec 2018

Celebrating harvest at St Mary's, thank you for the beautiful bread Mr and Mrs Ash - Oct 18

Bishopstone football team - runners up and through to the County finals! Oct

Celebrating together, congratulations

NSPCC workshops - Sept 2018

Yr3 trip - Junk Orchestra with 'Stomp the Musical' - Sept 18 at Pinewood Prep

Start of year meeting - Sept 18

WomensAid joined the children for two workshops - Sept 2018

They talked about staying safe, who can help us be safe and then discussed friendships and how to be a good friend.  All children from Yr1 upwards took part.

All staff attended INSET training with Pinewood Prep led by Childnet -Sept 18

Some useful links for parents were shared as well as discussing up to date issues that children face when being online.

Click here for their leaflet

Chldnet has a wealth of support for parents. Children will be attending two workshops at the end of September to enhance their awareness around the use of the internet.

A new academic year begins . . . . how exciting!

A very sad farewell to Mr Anley - July 2018

End of year 'FOBS' spy mission and family BBQ - July

Art club looks at stencil graffiti - July

Who stole the duck? . . whole school mystery - July

STFC taster session (Swindon Town Football Club) - July

12 go to Morfa Bay - June 2018 (yr5/6)

Whole school 'celebrating our family' - June 2018

Royal Wedding Tea Party - May 2018

School Awakeover - May 2018

Bishopstone CE Football Team

Whole school trip to the Wyvern Theatre - Penguin - April 2018

Year 3 and 4 Residential Trip March 2018

Sport Relief 2018 - passing the baton around Swindon - County Ground 1 mile run - 23/03/18

Presentation for winning photos by Swindon Old Town Rotary President - Mar18

Science Week - trip to the Science Museum, London - Mar18

Beautiful patchwork created by Year 6 that was then stitched onto shoulder bags - with volunteers from the local community -Mar18

Snow, World Book Day, Frozen Bubbles and Storytime - Mar18

Linking up live with a school in Nairobi, Kenya for a Skype chat - Feb18

Winter Olympics Day - Friday 9th February

Curling, Skiing, Bobsleigh, Ice dancing . . . . . 

A visit from the local community - Roz Boot - Jan18

A trip to Pinewood Prep for a science extravaganza

KS2 take part in the Swindon Dance Festival at the Wyvern Theatre - Jan 2018

Bishopstone Litter Pick

On Sunday 4th February it is the annual Bishopstone Village Clean-Up. This is organised by Bishopstone and Hinton Parva Parish Council.

To support this the children will be doing a 'litter pick' within school time on Friday 2nd February. Reinforcing to them the importance of keeping their local environment free from litter. They will be provided with 'pick up sticks', black bags and be closely supervised, so that they are only picking up appropriate items. They will just be concentrating on areas around the school, that is safe for us to access in small groups and does not include any 'boot' wearing type of paths.

This leaves plenty of village left to be covered on the Sunday! If you are interested in helping on the Sunday, please let Sue know this Monday. This will allow the relevant kit to be ordered by the Council in time for Sunday 4th Feb at 10am.

Taking part in science at Ridgeway Secondary School Jan18

Whole school karate taster sessions with Matt Ward - Jan18

Saying goodbye to Mrs Sherwood after 20 years at Bishopstone - Dec 17

KS2 perform with the Swindon Choral Choir in Christ Church Dec 2017

Super proud of our 'runner' up for the Robert Buckland MP Christmas card competition . . . it is now winging its way around the U.K! - Dec 2017

Thank you FOBS for our amazing Christmas disco and fete Dec 2017

Whole school Christmas lunch . . . yummmmmmy Dec 17

Three children play the Church Organ at the Christmas Service, what a beautiful sound! Dec 2017

Some of our entries into the Rotary Photography Competition 2017

This year the topic was 'perspective'.

We are delighted that Florence won the 'local' rounds, Laila was runner up.  Florence's work has gone on to the next level of the competition - County level!!

Whole school trip to the Swindon Sikh Temple - Nov18

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Annual snow letter:

Dear Parents

Where did all the white stuff come from!!! What a lovely surprise to wake up to this morning!!

So in preparation for lots of lovely snow . . . yes I expect I am getting a bit over excited but you never know!! Please see below for an update on procedures in place.

Should it be necessary to close the school we will contact the radio stations Heart 96 - 107FM and BBC Radio Wiltshire 103.5 FM and ask them to announce the closure.

HOWEVER the best place to check is the school website – this will have a banner on the front page if we are closed from 8:00am in the morning.

  • We will request Heart FM to place it on their webpage and to be read out –
  • It will be on the front page of the school website –
  • We will send you a text message through parentmail (if this system fails the above two will be in place)

Each morning that there is snow we would repeat the above process to inform you.

We will do our very best to always keep the school open and will only close if we cannot get enough staff in school to ensure the childrens’ safety. As you are aware this is slightly more challenging as all teachers now live outside of the Bishopstone area.

If children arrive safely in school and the school is open, with snow fall becoming heavy then we will monitor the situation and if it looks as though there will be difficulty on getting children home then we will notify you to pick them up early.

Clubs would also be cancelled in this situation. We don’t wish anyone to end up ‘ snowed in ’ the village.

Even if the school is open please do not put yourself at any risk to bring children to school if the roads where you are are dangerous.

Yours sincerely

Miss Lindsay

Tickets available from the school office

Thank you to 'Learning through landscapes' - teaching our children how to build a planter - Nov17

Thinking of others - Children in Need 217

From spots, to sticker hunts, Pudsey designer glasses to cupcakes!

Celebrating Differences in anti bullying week - Nov17

KS2 exploring 'printing' with local artist Mrs Dent - Nov17

Lest we forget......poppies in maths and display in Church - Nov 17

A trip for Yr5/6 to meet the famous authors at Ridgeway - 'The Two Steve's' - Nov17

To find out more please go to:

Thank you to Ridgeway Secondary for providing the transport for us.

Patchwork creation with the local community - inspired by the value 'Generosity' - Nov17

Lunchtime changes . . . from Monday 30th October

The school is currently as big as it has ever been and this means the playground is very busy!  To try and help the teachers and children have come up with a variety of 'splits' to trial.  This not only helps with the numbers on the playground but gives a wide range of lunch clubs run by Mr Anley and Miss Lindsay, alongside new play zones and play equipment . . . the children will report back in December on how they are finding it!

Harvest Festival celebrations - Oct17

Interschool River Workshop - British Council at East Wichel School - Oct17

Bishopstone annual conker competition - Oct17

Rec/1/2 visit St Mary's Church with Rev'd Bill - Oct17

'Digging the turf for the new secondary Church of England school in Swindon - Sept17

Sport Afternoon included lots of parents, children and most importantly sausages - Sept17

Welcome to Swindon Wildcats, assembly time and club time! - Sept17

A huge success - 'isingpop'

Bishopstone and Ashbury CE at St Mary's Church     Sept17

Entering our prayer gardens into the Village Garden Show - Sept 2017

Catie's Afternoon Tea - September 29th - Raised £400 Wowwwwwww!!!

Saying a very sad farewell to our wonderful, unique and inspiring year 6! We will miss you greatly - July17

Year 6 leavers trip - escape rooms, Ed's followed by crazy golf.........July17

Infant Singing Festival - performing at the Wyvern Theatre - July17

Thank you Nationwide . . . what a difference a day makes! - July 2017

KS2 working together to create inspiration and reflection

Fun on the 'Island' July17

KS2 Summer Play - Hoodwinked - July17

KS1 visit Coleshill for river dipping and bug catching - July 2017

Year 3/4 Residential Trip to Oxenwood - June 2017

Whole school team fun . . . . fruit cocktail inventing and sandwich making! June17

New Online Safety Pages click here - May 2017

The going gets hot . . . . time for ice-cream all round - May17

School sleepover for Year 2-6 - May 2017

Year 5 and 6 attend the Earth Summit at National Trust - Coleshill Estate - May 2017

Thank you Prebendal Farm, we love playing cricket in your garden! - May17

Speed Check in the village May 2017

We are delighted to work with the Police to highlight the speed limit through the village.  We are concerned at the number of drivers who speed through the village, endangering the children, parents and staff as they try to cross or walk alongside the road.  Driving across the 'hatch' lines is a particular problem currently.

Thank you FOBS for our Village Treasure Hunt - April 2017

Fire Service workshops April 2017

Rock and Pop Roadshow hit Bishopstone April 2017

Easter Church Service March 2017

Six yr1/2 children go to 'puzzle' the morning away at Even Swindon Primary - April 17

18 children attend Swindon Gymnastics Competition - March 17

Reception attend Music Co-operative 'Make a Noise' concert - March 17

Red Nose Day 2017 - kite flying fun

Working in Partnership with Ridgeway Secondary - art work created - March 17

Amazing day - Year 1/2/3 showcase their Skillforce skills to Prince William.  Spending time building marshmellow towers and then receiving the first Pioneers Trophy! - 01/03/17

Very proud of our three girls in Year 4 and 5 that took part in a 'greater knowledge' day workshop in writing based at South Marston CE Primary - March 2017

World Book Day March 2017

THE Urban Striders visit Bishopstone to teach the children 'streetdance workshops' after inspiring us at Birmingham Young Voices - click here for their webpage - Feb 2017

First prize in Rotary Photo Competition - February 2017

Swindon Dance Festival - Wyvern Theatre - January 2017

We joined 6653 children at Birmingham Arena and Young Voices 2017!! Well done KS2 - January 2017

Amazing whole school trip to Oxford - Natural History Museum and Story Museum - Jan 2017

Whole school buddy reading - January 2017

Christmas Church Service

School Christmas disco fun - thank you FOBS!

Christmas production by Rec/Year 1/Year 2 - December 2016

Children in Need day - November

Money-Matics - November 2016

We are delighted to be beginning a mathmatical adventure, joining a scheme led by Nationwide.  Their aim is to deliver mathematics in a greater financial context, and use the integration of ‘real-life’ maths in lessons.  This is the second year of a two year scheme, with schools who took part in the first year recording:

"All schools involved in the project reported an increase in their pupils maths attainment from the pre to post assessment after the direct financial education intervention had taken place. Schools also reported the project very useful in helping their young people to develop a greater understanding of financial maths and the implications of learning about money matters."

This runs alongside our INSET focus this year around maths, being led by Liz Hopkins - consultant, click here for further information.

Church Harvest Service

Year 4 busy making cupcakes for their class - October 2016

Conker Competition Time!  Well done to all! - October 2016

Amazing well done to Catie who baked and baked . . . raising an outstanding £300 from her Macmillan Coffee Afternoon - Sept16

10 lucky schools who received a free tennis session delivered by the Roadshow Tennis Coach Phil Leighton . . . . Bishopstone was one of them! Sept16

Click on the racket to be taken to more information from the Delta Tennis Centre

Well done, BIshopstone child is a finalist in the Swindon175 Photography competition - Sept 2016

Image result for nspcc speak out

We were delighted that the NSPCC joined us for a selection of assemblies and workshops with children from Year 1 through to Year 6.  Some highly useful information went home with the children.  Click here for a link to the online safety booklet, click here for a link to the NSPCC website.

A visit from Bishopstone Bunny . . . . Millie to help with 'Big Writing' June16

School club explores the village to clean the signs! June 2016

Year 3 learn to programme 'an app' at Swindon Computer Museum - June 2016

Eden 'Big Lunch' June 2016 - community picnic time

Art Gallery hits Bishopstone - April 2016

Year 4, 5 and 6 are starting to earn their SkillForce Junior Prince’s Award - April 2016

Sowing seeds from Tim Peakes in Space! - April 2016

Easter Church was full of bonnets! - March 

National Autism Awareness Week - March 2016

Make a Noise Concert - Reception perform - March 2016

World Book Day - March 2016 (see gallery for more pics)

Victorian Day means we are visited from BBC Wiltshire Radio, Evening Advertiser and Points West - Feb16

Further pictures under the Gallery tab, Whole School

Award ceremony by the Mayor of Swindon - Feb2016

Stars at the Wyvern - Feb2016

Bishopstone CSI Police Department investigate four crimes - see gallery KS2

KS2 sew 'owls' - Jan16 - see curriculum area/D+T for more pictures

A fantastic trip to the Houses of Parliament - Jan16