Online Safety (updated Feb 2018)

This page is a central place for our Online Safety links

Safer Internet Day 2018

Please click here for the documents that were sent home, paper copy, to support parents when facing challenges around online safety. They include the following from the UK safer Internet Centre (which is supported by our provider at school - South West Grid for Learning):

  • Conversation starters
  • Factsheet
  • Fun things to do
  • Pack overview
  • Quick activities

The Online Safety Plus 2017 Folder below contains all of our key materials for you to download. This links to all the resources discussed at the parent meeting on Wednesday 13th September 2017.  Previous materials are also available here.

Previous materials:

 The link below (Online Safety Plus 2017) is for our very latest Online Safety Files, information and curriculum guidance:

Online Safety Plus 2017
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