A unique history......

Our school has been a central feature of the village for many, many years . . . . a few pictures below to show how times have changed

Our beautiful school - update July 2016

After two years we have finally gathered the funds (and had the red tape go ahead) to start the huge amount of work that the walls of our historical building requires.  Our school is unique, even down to the material that it is constructed from, the stone coming from just one remaining mine in the UK.  As stones are taken out to be replaced, due to weathering and destruction, new stones are slotted back in.  This is a time consuming process carried out be a highly skilled Stonemason - Ross Southerington.  Our stonework needs repairing on all four sides of the building, so a lengthy process.  That said, if you are passing the school, have a look at the areas that have been regenerated........they are absolutely stunning!!  

Ross Southerington - http://www.rsstonemasonry.co.uk