Playing in the bakery and making gingerbread men for snack - December 2016

KS1 learn about different musical instruments - January 2016

Children in KS1 have been learning about different musical instruments. They had a go at playing some real instruments, including a euphonium, tenor horn, violin, flute, clarinet, ukulele and bass guitar.

Reception, Yr1 and Yr2 perform 'The Nativity' - December 2015

A trip to "Oak and Furrows Rescue Centre" November 2015

Click here for information about the rescue centre

Reception and Year 1 have been busy finding treasure! September 2015

In September Reception and Year 1 received a letter from Pirate Pete telling them treasure was hidden in the village. They pieced together the mystery, followed a pirate trail and finally dug up a treasure chest that was buried over at the allotment! After sending Pirate Pete some fabulous stories called 'The Pirate Who Came to Tea', the children received a key to open the chest! Inside they discovered gold, jewels and chocolate coins.