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The Admissions Team are now accepting applications for September 2017 for Primary, Junior and Secondary and UTC (Year 10) applications, therefore please find below information regarding the Allocation Process for September 2016-17.


SBC have a new system for processing In Year applications (Sept 2017).  you can find detailed information by following the link - click here.

SBC in year application form - click here.  If you require help please ring the SBC Admissions TEam on 01793 445500

The online system is now available or parents can download a paper application.  Information for parents is available on the Swindon Borough Council Website: click here for primary and secondary information from SBC 2018-2019


Current Space in Bishopstone Primary School (current as of September 2017, please check with the school office)

Reception - Full

Year 1 - Full

Year 2 - One space

Year 3 - Full

Year 4 - Full

Year 5 - Two spaces

Year 6 - Full

Our current full capacity is 49.

New children joining Reception - September 2017

Starter Dates - September 2017

We are delighted to hear that your child will be starting with us in September 2017.

Meeting for parents

I would like to warmly invite you into school to meet with ourselves and find out more about the curriculum and day to day routine at Bishopstone CE School on Wednesday 7th June at 6.00pm.  We would be grateful if you could let us know if you will be unable to attend so that we can make alternative arrangements to pass on any important paperwork and information to you.  At the meeting we will be going through basic information about the school and also discussing the preparation you can do with your child to ease the transition.  We will also take the opportunity to arrange a time and date for a home visit (if you feel this would be beneficial) by their teacher – Miss Pearson.  Miss Pearson will contact their nursery, if they attend one, so that she can see them ‘at play’ and talk to their current teachers.

Induction programme

We invite the children into school for two afternoons before the end of this academic year to meet the staff and the other children.  It also allows them to begin to familiarise with the school, so that they settle quickly and happily when they start school properly in September.  The dates for these afternoons are as follows:

TUESDAY JULY 4th    1.15 – 3.15 pm (this will be a quiet afternoon with the children from school out at swimming)

THURSDAY JULY 13TH   1.15 – 3.15 pm

We would also like to invite them to our sports day.  This will be on Friday 23rd June – weather permitting.

For the first week of the September term your child will come to school part-time.  We create a staggered entry because young children can become very tired when they begin full time school.  It is also a big change of routine for them and they will be joining a class of Year 1’s and 2’s who are already used to school. The official start date for the beginning of the September term is MONDAY 4th September, you will be given this timetable at the meeting.

We really care about your child’s first impressions of school and learning and aim to make their transition into the classroom a smooth, stress free and enjoyable one.  After all, starting school can be one of our most lasting memories.

We look forward to meeting you on Wednesday 7th June 2017


7th June 6pm - Parent meeting

TUESDAY JULY 4th    1.15 – 3.15 pm - Induction afternoon 1

THURSDAY JULY 13TH 1.15 – 3.15 pm - Induction afternoon 2

Week beginning Monday 4th September - induction week - children to attend part time for this first week to allow smooth transition into school. 

Monday 4th September - lunch and afternoon - drop off 11:50am, pick up 3:15pm

Tuesday 5th September - lunch and afternoon - drop off 11:50am, pick up 3:15pm 

Wednesday 6th September - morning and lunch - pick up 1:05pm

Thursday 7th September - morning and lunch - pick up 1:05pm

Friday 8th September - morning and lunch - pick up 1:05pm

  • For the application to apply for free milk (for children up to the age of 5) or if you wish to pay for this service to continue, please speak directly to Mrs Tremlin in the office who has the relevant forms
  • Mrs Tremlin is also able to supply you with the school water bottle and rucksack
  •  Please click here for map showing location of school uniform providers

Welcome pack 2017 click here