Bishopstone Church Of England Primary School

Prefects 2021-2022

Prefects within Bishopstone CE School showcase both behaviour and attitude and provide a role model for the younger children and their peers, of the school.  

They are expected to maintain the high standards continuously both in and out of school.  

We have asked our current year 6 children to identify the areas that they feel prefects should be supporting within the school alongside areas that they would like to lead.  See below.  Miss Lindsay will then meet with year 6 to go through their ideas and decide which ones will go into the new charter for 21-22.  This meeting will be on Thursday 30th September at 14:45.

Items under discussion for the new charter

Minutes and choices from the meeting - October 21

Previous charter

Year 6 choice . . .change to uniform Nov19

Information . . . . (being updated Oct21)