School Council 2019-2020



Autumn 1

Wednesday 9th October

Autumn 2

Wednesday 13th November 2019

Spring 1

Wednesday 22nd January 2020

Spring 2

Wednesday 4th March 2020

Summer 1

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Summer 2

Wednesday 10th June 2020

School Council Meeting Minutes








Voting is now over - 27th September 2019.  We are delighted to welcome a new school council which consists of Year 4,5 and 6.  Our Year 6 children will be acting as Chair, Treasurer and Secretary as we move forward.  Their first two tasks will be:

  • Organising a Children in Need Ramble
  • Creating a list of new books for the library after consultation with all year groups







Year 4



Alyla /Sofia


Year 5



Olivia /Ki


Year 6

Tabby – secretary

Elsiana – Chair

Isabelle - treasurer

Tabby – Chair

Elsiana – treasurer

Isabelle - secretary

Tabby – treasurer

Elsiana – secretary

Isabelle - Chair


A bequest has been left for Bishopstone School by Mary Greenwood.  Mary worked at Bishopstone School for just over 12 years, in that time many village children passed through her wonderful teaching and inspirationally decorated classroom.  A quiet area in the front of the school has been designated as her legacy to the school.

Ideas from the meetings January-July 2019

  • World Book Day - carousel of activities, dress up and an e-book creation
  • Red Nose Day - Dress up, rock, paper, scissors tournament
  • Lunchtime bingo
  • Bake Off competition
  • Colour Run
  • Shade for the playground in the summer (FOBS are fundraising for this)

I am sure there will be many more......


Under class discussion:  how to improve the atmosphere in the hall

Events completed last year

  • Children in Need Day - The School Council made 'Pudsey' day lots of fun!  We raised a £100!
  • Christmas week including a film afternoon, non-uniform day  and a Christmas party
  • Winter Olympics Day - dress up, activities and mascot competition
  • World Book day including a 'toast and hot chocolate story time snack, dress up, guess the teacher/book competition
  • Talking to children in another country (Kenya - Feb 18)


School Council has begun . . . . KS2 thoughts for September 2016

Taran, a former pupil of Bishopstone Primary School - came back to share these top tips for Secondary School:

School Council


Ideas for the future:

Cook dinner for the local elderly residents

Jumble Sale

Non-uniform day

Meet the Mayor of Swindon - we have written but not heard back yet :-(

Sponsored Run

Wash cars


Craft selling and making

Bring your Teddy to school

Scooter races


Some of their achievements in 2015-2016 included:

Creating regular cinema nights after school (once a term)

Taking part in Children in Need

Creating new rules for the playground

Requesting a Talent Show (to be held in the summer term)

Selecting new toys for the playground

Taking part in Sport Relief (coming up soon)


Some of their achievements in 2014-2015 included:

  • Our first task has been to arrange 'Children in Need Day 2014' - lots of events from name the teddy, dress up, apple bobbing, lemonade and cake selling . . . . .we raised nearly £100
  • We made beautiful Pudsey bears from clay . . . which KS2 then took home
  • We sold hot chocolate at break time in Christmas Week
  • We created hampers for the local elderly in the community and delivered them
  • We had a fun non-uniform day and got to wear our party clothes!
  • We asked to create and write Christmas cards in French
  • We asked for more clubs . . . . . which we are excited about and they start in January as we chose them!
  • Raisied lots of money on Red Nose Day through selling hot chocolate, decorating cookies and a fun filled cinema night with popcorn
  • Asked for another session on skateboards as it was sooooooo much fun
  • Jumble Sale

Some of their achievements in 2013-2014 included:

Participation when choosing new playground toys

Participation when choosing new library books

Input into which clubs should run after school

Suggesting and setting up the use of the village hall when the weather is bad

Changing of behaviour rules

Redecoration of the toilets

Events including Children in Need, Sport Relief, Christmas Spirit Week

"School Council are a group of children that try to make the school a better, happier and fun place.  There is one member from each year group yrs2-6.  We discuss what can be changed every two weeks and our current school council is great! 

We are happy to take suggestions from anybody, so don't be scared to give us one!"

by Year 6, Chair of School Council