Bishopstone Church Of England Primary School

Collective Worship

Collective Worship is pivotal to daily life in the school.  We are delighted to be able to join back together as a whole school:

Monday - whole school at 09:00

Tuesday - class Collective Worship 11:45 (Roots and Fruits scheme)

Wednesdayclass Collective Worship 11:45 (isingpop online)

Thursday - whole school singing with Mrs Golding

Friday - whole school - Celebrations of the Week at 14:50

We have a linked Collective Worship plan which changes termly that follows the school value

Over the course of two years we cover 12 Key Values:

Alongside our Collective Worship we use this time to reflect, both personally and on national and international news using 'First News Collective Worship' which addresses up-to-date issues on a weekly basis and links to British Values.

We use the entry and exit to Collective Worship to broaden our knowledge of music.  We have a yearly plan for this, see below.  Each week there is an overview slide of the composer with a small piece of information.  This music is also used for start of day in the classrooms when the teacher requires.