Early Years with Miss Pearson

Early Years at Bishopstone 

Children begin Bishopstone in their Reception year, aged 4 years old. We share our learning space with Year 1 and Year 2 and all learn together. We have a 3-part learning environment, consisting of our classroom area, our continuous provision area (known as the Ark) and our small fenced outdoor area which we have access to at all times…in fact Miss Pearson will often encourage us to put on our wellies and splash around in the rain!

As of September 2020 Bishopstone School is an Early Adopter of the new Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. Upon starting their Reception year they are assessed using the new Baseline Assessment system alongside their teachers playing and learning with them, getting to know them and discovering their next steps in learning. 

Year 1 and Year 2 at Bishopstone 

After completing their Reception year, children move into Year 1 and Year 2, staying in the same learning environment as they began school in. They begin following the National Curriculum which continues to build on the skills they have learnt in Reception.

Children are taught in short formal sessions throughout the day. We keep the sessions short and focused to ensure children are learning the National Curriculum objectives and still able to learn through the continuous provision and play resources.

Here's what we do: