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Relationships and Sex education (RSE) and Health Education (Under review April 2021)

At Bishopstone School we teach a majority of RSE in the Summer Term.  Throughout the year we follow the PSHE Association Scheme of work.  We also refer to the SBC Healthy Schools website, click here.

 As a CE school we have the option to use elements of 'Goodness and Mercy - RSHE scheme, but we do not follow this on its own.

We have access to the SBC Scheme of work for Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Education but remain focused on the PSHE Association scheme which covers this area in detail.


This is supplemented by 'Living and Growing' from Channel 4.  The programmes in this series gently introduce sex education to primary children looking at changes that occur from childhood through adolescence into their adulthood.


Before we teach RSE we invite parents in to see the materials and allow parents the opportunity to view the dvd's, so that we are working together to introduce these issues to the children (see below for yearly coverage).


If you do not wish your child to participate in these sessions, having viewed the material then please let your child's teacher know.


We supplement teaching Yr5/6 girls with the fantastic resources provided by 'Betty for Schools'.  Click here to go to their website.

Parent booklet click here

Yr5/6 booklet click here

We look for everyday opportunities to embrace 'differences'.  Most recently (April 18) a trip to the Wyvern Theatre to watch a wonderful show about three penguins:

"When being different brings the most wonderful of surprises…Roy and Silo are two male Chinstrap penguins. Just like the other penguin pairs at Central Park Zoo, they walk, play, swim and dance together. When the duo decide to try and hatch a rock in place of an egg, they find themselves on an adventure that could mean raising a chick for real! Penguins is a unique and engaging show for children about friendship, fun, identity and the ever-changing meaning of family. This delightful new theatre and dance production is inspired by a true story reported in the New York Times that touched hearts worldwide."