Knowing the children in our school community has helped us to design a curriculum which will ensure that all children will be ready to successfully meet the challenges of the next stages of their education and beyond. 

Our school believes that every child's experience in school should ensure that they acquire the knowledge needed to access academic success and the careful development and progression of skills in discrete subject areas.

Our curriculum embeds an approach that incorporates both knowledge and skills in an enquiry-led thematic curriculum that is embedded in application and context. A curriculum rooted in our locality and context and that meets the needs of its own learners, whilst exposing them to the national and global requirements and expectations.

Our curriculum has been carefully designed to engage learners as active participants in their learning journey. We believe that learners are at their most successful when their imagination is stimulated, their curiosity is heightened and their learning makes links to their lives and the wider world.

Our curriculum is a framework that develops creativity, critical thinking and discovery whilst ensuring a clear focus on the intellectual concept that is being taught and the knowledge needed to understand the concept.

Our curriculum therefore places importance on the many elements that are essential for new learning to grow into rich knowledge that can be retrieved, applied, analysed and reflected upon.