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All About Family - from March 2021

A new digital magazine that the school has subscribed to.  This will be sent via parentmail as it is issued, as well as being uploaded onto the school website.  A wide range of topics from many agencies such as the Fire Service, NSPCC with valuable safeguarding information, arts and crafts, current reading choices, Police safety advice . . and much more!

March edition - Spring 

May Half Term edition

Summer holiday edition - July 21

Christmas edition 2021


These set of leaflets are very useful for guidance when looking at the home school link:

Getting the most out of school

Speaking and Listening

Giving your child a helping hand

Preparing for change at school

Your child's wellbeing

Independence and responsibilty

Online Safety



Surveys for parents

Best way to receive work in lock down - March 2020

Review of home learning - June 2020

Remote learning survey - September 2020

Introduction of school hoody - December 2020

After school clubs - March 2021

Staff thank you - March 2021

Music provision in KS2 from September - May 2021

Change to paperless reading records . . . or not for September 2021 - May 21


Reception Baseline Assessment - September 2021

BIshopstone CE Primary took part in the trials of the Baseline Assessment and these are now in place.

The reception baseline assessment (RBA) is a short and simple check of a child’s early literacy, communication, language and maths skills when they begin school and statutory for all schools from September 2021.  

The assessment will form the start of a new measure of how schools are helping their pupils to progress between reception and year 6.

Your child does not need to prepare. There is no pass mark or score and your child will not realise they’re doing an assessment.  During a 20-minute one-to-one session with their teacher or teaching assistant, your child will do a number of practical and interactive tasks. Your child can answer questions verbally or by pointing or moving objects.

The assessment can take place at any point in the first six weeks of a child starting reception.

Why the assessment is being introduced

The assessment provides a better starting point to measure the progress a school makes with their pupils throughout their whole time at primary school, between reception and year 6.  Parents will be able to see how well the school is supporting its pupils. It will also help teachers get to know their new class when they start school.

This link takes you to a short five minute video which explains the above.  Click here.

If you have any further questions, please contact Miss Pearson who will be happy to explain further.

For the DfE parent information leaflet please click here (2021)


Year 4 multiplication check will happen in 2022.  Please click here for further information.  Our Year 4 children are focusing on times tables regardless, as they are essential to their maths skills.  The school also completes Times Tables Rock Stars.  If your child has lost their login for home please ask the class teacher for a new one. 


End of Key Stage Testing 2022 - May 9th-12th

Please find below links that will help you understand the sats in both Year 2 and Year 6. If you are unsure about any of these please do not hesitate to come in and speak with the class teacher.

Information for parents from the Standards and Testing Agency - click here

Click here to be taken to the Government website to watch a short four minute video on the end of year 2 - KS1 sats

Click here to be taken to the Government website to watch a short four minute video on the end of year 6 - KS2 sats


English grammar, punctuation and spelling papers 1 and 2


English reading


Mathematics papers 1 and 2


Mathematics paper 3