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September 2021

We will slowly be building up our high level of clubs as the terms progress.  For Autumn 1 we are offering:


Run by



Karate run by Matt Ward - Private run club

Tuesday – Year 2/3/4/5/6

Street Dance



Wednesday – Year 1/2/3/4

Ball games and fun

PE coach (Premier Sport)

Wednesday – Yr5/6


Miss Lindsay

Clubs begin from Monday 13th September


April 2021

We are back up and running!  We are starting with clubs again from Monday 19th April 2021.  We are offering a Dodgeball club for KS2 and a street dance club for Yr2 upwards. 

Additional arts and crafts club offered for yr1/2, yr3/4, yr5/6 from week beginning Monday 17th May with Miss Lindsay. . . . was all about the marbling!

Clubs from Monday 7th June are: Basketball (KS2 - Wednesday 3:15-4:15) and Dance (Yr2 upwards - Thursday 3:15-4:15).


Club Dates 2020-2021

The school will not currently be running after school clubs.  Due to the uncertainty of Covid19, our small staff and the additional requirements to teach remotely, this is not currently possible.  We will notify you as soon as it is safe to restart after school clubs.  Alfresco Nursery continue to offer wrap around care if you require it during the current pandemic (updated jan2021).

Coding Club with Nationwide - Jan20

Thank you to Nationwide who have been helping us to run a coding club (python) this term (Jan/Feb20).  We have loved working with you and especially 'Tall Ben and Short Iain . . . . . '.  We can now code a game of rock, paper, scissors!

Friday 9th January 2020

Dear Parents

Spring Term 1. Please find the club signup sheet below.  Please return to Sue in the office.  All clubs run 3:15-4:15pm.  First day of clubs is Tuesday 14th January. 

Last day of clubs will be Thursday 6th February (running for 4 weeks). 

No clubs on: Tuesday 21st February due to KS2 going to a talk at Pinewood

Child’s name:


Run by


Choice (please tick)



Karate run by Matt Ward (starts 20th Jan) in the village hall – Private run club

Tuesday – Computing – exploring new software!


A range of specialists from Nationwide



Wednesday – Art club – working with clay

Yr2/3/4 Max.10

Miss Pearson



Wednesday – How it works? Design and Tech club


Mrs Morris



Thursday – Table tennis



£2 a week and school will subsidise the remaining 50%


Friday –STEM club

(Science, Tech, Engineering and Maths)

Yr1 upwards, max 12

Miss Lindsay




PLEASE RETURN BY Monday 13th January 2020

October 2019

Monday – Karate in the village hall (private club)

Monday – STEM club (a mixture of Science and Design and Technology problem solving)


Miss Lindsay

n/a – if any Yr6 children would like to be an assistant for this club, please let me know . .. I would love some helpers!

Tuesday – Staff Meeting




Wednesday - Construction Club

Yr 1-3


Miss Pearson



Wednesday – Cracking Computer Codes Yr 3-6


Mrs Morris


Thursday – Table Tennis




£2 a week and school will subsidise

the remaining 50%

Friday – Hand bells team


Max.13 (I have 13 new shiny bells!)

Miss Lindsay

School will subsidise 100%