VLE - Virtual Learning Environment

Learning continues well beyond the classroom and to support this we have a Virtual Learning Environment available to all of our pupils, parents, staff and Governors. We call it:                                The Big Pond    - and you are welcome to jump in!

We have currently suspended our use of the Big Pond




 In the Big Pond you can find:

  • work that Bishopstone pupils have created (in fact there is no limit to how many files pupils can save - and access from anywhere)
  • Communities to support every topic and subject area
  • A huge range of links to recommended websites
  • Wikis that grow all of the time (a wiki is a place that we can share our knowledge and research)
  • Blogs created by pupils to record their learning and their targets
  • Email messages from classmates
  • Tasks
  • Calendars (including a parent calendar with useful school dates)
  • Policies and minutes (for Governors)
  • Resources and useful materials (for teachers)
  • Our newsletters, old and new
  • A "Cinema" of our home made films and animations
  • ..much more too!