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Timetables from September 2021 - July 2022

You can see below the timetables that we follow.  However there are times when this changes, or areas are grouped or blocked.  For example we might have a dedicated Art day or week where we would be focusing on specific outcomes - the longer time allows the children to really submerge themselves within it.  The plans will be uploaded as we progress through the year.


Autumn Term 1 - Sept 2021

Rec/Yr1/Yr2 - click here

Yr3/4 mornings - click here

Yr5/6 mornings/KS2 afternoons - click here


Autumn Term 2 - Nov 2021


Spring Term 1


Spring Term 2



Summer Term 1


Summer Term 2


P.E - yearly overview - click here

Past Planning as examples (2020-2021)



Four year rolling programme for KS2 - click here