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Bishopstone CE Primary School


Reading is at the heart of learning at Bishopstone, we strongly believe that becoming a successful reader allows pupils to flourish in all areas of the curriculum.

From the start of their school journey with us, children are immersed in vocabulary-rich environments where we recognise everyone, children and adults, is a reader. 

In EYFS and Key Stage 1, children participate in daily Little Wandle phonics sessions, in addition to high quality teaching in both English and reading lessons. Through engaging texts linked to our learning themes, children become increasingly confident in using the written word and identifying a wide variety of genres. Children take home reading books  which are matched their current stage in the Little Wandle phonics scheme.

In Key Stage 2, children engage with a range of high-quality texts linked to their topic and hone their craft as writers, readers and public speakers.

Spelling rules are taught explicitly and children are encouraged to investigate language. Writing has a clear purpose and audience, consequently handwriting and presentation is highly valued.

Through exposure to vocabulary, the teaching of grammar skills and whole school celebrations, we aspire to equip every child with the English skills to forge a path to success as they continue their learning journey.