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Bishopstone CE Primary School

Our History

In 1703 Thomas Goddard of Lockeridge, in Overton, gave some of his books to the school at Bishopstone.

1778 Thomas Coker gave £200 for a school for poor children at Bishopstone.

In his will, 1796, Thomas Goddard gave £600 for a similar purpose.

From 1803 to 1840 the school was held in the manor house, which was leased to the schoolmaster.

In 1818 the school was open to all poor children of the parish and attended by nearly 40.

By 1833 attendance had risen to 83, which saw 65 charity pupils on roll. The school was then held by the master and an assistant. Coker's charity kept eighteen children in school and Goddard's provided £4 10s. for books and £23 10s. for the school master.

In 1821 it had been decided not to distinguish between the Coker and Goddard pupils and so by 1834 they were taught together. All remaining pupils were taught at the opposite end of the large schoolroom.

By 1849 the school was in a two-room cottage, and in 1850 a new National school was completed on the current site beside the mill pond.

Attendance in 1859 was around 70 and the school was enlarged in 1872.

Numbers fell steadily from 83 in 1908 to 51children by 1938, although from 1920 the older children of Little Hinton were also sent to Bishopstone.

In 1980 there was just 31 children on roll.