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Bishopstone CE Primary School

Brecon Residential 2024

Thursday 6th June

Our final full day in our beautiful surroundings involved some walking. Once on a circular route around Tal Y Bont on Usk, and another on a circular route around Brecon's  gift shop, 'Welsh Delights'!

Our day started with some gentle encouragement to wake up for breakfast. Wednesday's exertions were noticeable as the sleepy dust was brushed aside, ready to consume our host's magnificent spread. 

Bags packed, including sun cream and sunhats (we were hoping for an appearance), we set off with several navigators who promptly missed the fork in the road taking us along the Taff trail and into a 'No Public Access' road. After some readjusting and reorientation of the map we were off again for almost 5 miles of trail, road and field around the village of Tal Y Bont. 

Many highlights along the way included a corrugated tin church, some friendly ponies, the 'chocolate' canal and its cantilever bridge. Cries of my legs ache, how much further and when can we go shopping were interspersed with laughter, pleasant conversations and animal noises (yes from our children!). 

Arriving back at the Hostel for some well-earned sandwiches, I was unable to convince any of the children to round up our walk to 5 full miles, so our journey was complete at 4.66 miles on the clock. 

The proprietor of Welsh Delights (surely not the only gift shop in Brecon) who remembered us from last year beamed as we entered the shop, with pound signs in her eyes as the children eagerly scoured the premises for souvenirs. 

Following a trip to the best Ice Cream shop in Brecon, with too many flavours to choose from, our group strode back to the mini bus, ready for their evening meal. 

We will pack tonight ready to return to school via the Royal Mint, looking forward to reuniting with our families to share stories of our trip away. 

Residential 2024 Day Four

Day Four


Wednesday 5th June

After an amazing night's sleep, with everyone tucked up by 9.30pm (!) and all sleeping through until 7.15am our adventurers prepared for a magical day at Dina's Rock. Collected just after 9am by Chris, our instructor for the day, we were transported over the hills and (what felt literally) far away! There was much sheep dodging as we traversed the hillside and narrow roads, taking in some beautiful scenery. 

Arriving at Dina's Rock, the children gasped as they saw the height of the climbing ropes waiting to be attached to a willing volunteer. Scampering up the rock face as quick as a flash, the first few climbers set the standard for our group. Everyone, even Mr Smith, were encouraged to climb as high as they felt comfortable. Climbers ascended the rock face from between two metres off of the ground to all the way to the very top of the climb (a very pleased Mrs Dharmasiri went the highest!) which was at least 50 metres high!

After a short lunch, we squeezed ourselves into wetsuits before setting off for the gorge. Jumping into cold water was a bit of a shock to the system straight after a sandwich but the majority of our plucky group went back for seconds! Winding our way through nearly 4 miles of rocks, pools, paths, caves and short climbs the walk culminated in a stunning waterfall which the children crawled through before jumping into a deep pool. 

The sunshine, as we walked back to change, was welcome to begin warming some cold extremities. A splendid day was had by all. 

Residential 2024 Day Three

Day Three



Tuesday 4th June

We have managed to dodge the showers (both from the sky and at our accommodation) today, whilst undertaking a leisurely canoe safari along the River Wye. Whilst the children write up today's adventures I am looking out across beautiful fields towards the Brecon Beacons, as the rain falls gently. 

The day began with the staff having to rouse some of our sleeping beauties ready for breakfast, before preparing for our outing. 

We were transported to Hay on Wye by our leaders, Rob (who remembered us from last year) and Chris, to launch six canoes for a five mile safari. After a brief lesson on how hold a paddle correctly and demonstrating each the 'crews' ability to ferry across the flow to an eddy we were ready to set sail.

Miraculously, everyone managed to stay relatively dry throughout the journey, even with the occasional splash from our paddles. Even when one of the roped together canoes became untied and began to separate, all hands on deck promptly sprang into action to make sure that everyone stayed safely aboard their ship. 

All the children helpfully carry the canoes and all the equipment from the river, up the hill to the waiting trailer at our journey's end before heading home for some well earned dinner. All have eaten well today, from a hearty fry up at breakfast, our river side 'Aqua cuisine' (which Rob explained was his fancy title for a water picnic) and our evening meal, described as amazing by the children.

They will sleep well tonight. 

Residential 2024 Day Two

Day Two


Monday 3rd June

Good evening everyone,

We arrived at the Youth Hostel at just after 5pm this evening, after a day of visiting a variety of 'Old Welsh buildings' at St Fagan's National Museum of Wales. We enjoyed ancient Round Houses, The Vulcan Hotel, a Victorian School as well as the Cock fighting pit! 

After sampling some glorious blue ice lollies, we hopped on board our mini bus and drove the final stretch to Brecon. The views on the way in were breathtaking, for those who managed to stay awake.

Once all the children had found their suitcases and unloaded into their rooms, dinner was served. Day one and "The food was a 10 out of 10" with 16 clean plates! 

The class are currently writing their diaries, as I type this, before some free time, hot chocolate and bed.  

Residential 2024

Day one