Bishopstone Church Of England Primary School


Through geography children learn about a wide variety of places and the communities that live within them.  We want pupils not only to gain a working location knowledge of the world around us, but to gain a deeper understanding of the natural and human world.

They learn about the processes and consequences of change in different environments and begin to understand what ‘global citizenship’ means in a world which is open to travel.  We want to support pupils to develop problem solving and investigative skills while promoting the continued use of natural curiosity and fascination of the diverse cultures and the world around them.  Travelling together to get to the heart of the Earth’s key physical and human processes, looking at the impact that they have on these both as an individual and as a society is central to sustaining the world for their future.

Opportunities are planned to enable children to acquire the geographical skills and knowledge needed to understand places and themes, for example through map work at different scales, coastal features, exploration of the local area and by conducting practical activities such as traffic surveys.

Curriculum Intent

Knowledge base building

Skills based learning (updated Nov21)