We believe History is a vitally important area for pupils to experience.  Our own school provides nearly 180 years of History for the children to dive into.  Through history children learn about a variety of places and the communities that live within them, from the local area too far afield.   

We wish pupils to gain a developing knowledge and understanding of the past times in Britain and the wider world, to begin to understand the complexity of people’s lives and perspectives such as change and the diverseness of society.  

We believe History equips children with the historical skills needed to find out about any period in the past, both as a group and independently.  We challenge our children to use their natural curiosity to explore events and develop their skills of questioning, critical thinking and objectiveness when considering evidence from different sources.

We foster children’s growing sense of chronology, time passing by.  Through learning about the past pupils will be given guidance and opportunity to develop and enhance perspective and judgement. 

Curriculum Intent

Knowledge base building

Skills based learning (updated Nov21)